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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7482 Year of Jubilee
7482 Year of Jubilee

7482 Year of Jubilee

Celebrated in the fiftieth year as the culmination of seven sabbatical years. During this year property was restored and Hebrew slaves were released. This year of liberation gave opportunity for a new start, and is alluded to as a type of the Messianic age.

The institution of the Year of Jubilee

Lev 25:8-10

Land was left fallow in the Year of Jubilee

See also Lev 25:11-12,20-22 These instructions apply to the sabbatical year. The Year of Jubilee may have been an additional fallow year, or may have coincided with the seventh sabbatical year.

The restoration of property in the Year of Jubilee

Lev 25:13

Regulating the value of property See also Lev 25:15-16; Lev 27:16-19,23

Underlining the fact that God is the true owner of the land Lev 25:23-24 The restoration of property to those to whom God had originally entrusted it is a reminder that the land belongs to him. See also Jos 21:43; 1Ch 29:15; Heb 11:13

A means of preserving the inheritance from God Lev 25:25-28 Families are urged to buy back land assigned to them by God. As a last resort, land is restored in the Year of Jubilee. See also Lev 25:32-33; Lev 27:24; Nu 36:4,7-9; 1Ki 21:3; Eze 46:16-18

The release of Hebrew slaves in the Year of Jubilee

Dt 15:12-15 The release of slaves reflects God’s redemption and preserves the freedom he has given; Lev 25:54-55 The Israelites may not be held permanently as slaves because they belong to God. See also Lev 25:39-43,50-52; Jer 34:8-9,13-14

The Year of Jubilee is the year of the Lord’s favour

Lk 4:18-19 Jesus Christ alludes to the Year of Jubilee in proclaiming spiritual release and restoration. See also Isa 61:1-2

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