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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7471 temples, heathen
7471 temples, heathen

7471 temples, heathen

Other nations also built temples to their gods, and apostate kings of Judah and Israel were condemned for erecting heathen temples in their own countries.

Heathen temples

The temple of Dagon: Jdg 16:28-30; 1Sa 5:2-4
1Sa 31:8-10; 2Ki 5:18 the temple of Rimmon; Na 1:14

Idolatrous temples in Israel and Judah

1Ki 12:26-30 Jeroboam’s temples at Bethel and Dan The temple of Baal in Samaria, destroyed by Jehu: 1Ki 16:32; 2Ki 10:21,23-27
2Ch 23:17 A temple to Baal in Judah was destroyed in the reign of Joash.

The command to destroy pagan places of worship in Israel

Dt 12:2-3

Holy things and holy places were used for pagan worship

Ahaz: 2Ki 16:10-13; 2Ch 28:23 Manasseh: 2Ki 21:4-5; 2Ch 33:5,7
2Ch 24:7 Athaliah’s sons used objects from the temple for the worship of the Baals; Eze 8:12-16 God showed Ezekiel a vision of people worshipping false gods in the temple; 2Ch 26:16-20 Uzziah incurred judgment by usurping the priestly task of offering incense in the temple.

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