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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7431 Sabbath, sabbatical year
7431 Sabbath, sabbatical year

7431 Sabbath, sabbatical year

Just as the seventh day was observed as a day of rest, so the OT regarded every seventh year as a sabbath year, to be set aside for rest.

The sabbath year

As a time for leaving fields fallow Ex 23:10-11 See also Lev 25:4; Lev 26:34; Ne 10:31 An important feature was the opportunity for the poor to benefit from unharvested fields.

As a time for cancelling debts Dt 15:1 See also Dt 15:9; Dt 31:10; Ne 10:31

As a time for freeing slaves Dt 15:12 See also Jer 34:14

The Year of Jubilee as seven Sabbaths

Lev 25:8-12

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