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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7429 Sabbath, in OT
7429 Sabbath, in OT

7429 Sabbath, in OT

The Sabbath of rest is grounded in God’s work of creation. Observance of a Sabbath day is distinctive of the people of God.

The Sabbath grounded in creation itself

Ge 2:3 See also Ps 118:24

The purpose of the Sabbath

To remember God’s work in creation Ex 20:8-11 See also Ge 2:2; Ex 35:2

To remember the exodus Dt 5:12-15 The idea of rest relates the concept of the Sabbath to the ultimate conquest of Canaan under David and to the return from exile. See also Ge 8:4; 2Sa 7:1,11; Ps 95:10-11; Heb 4:9; Rev 14:13

To be a sign of the relationship between Israel and God and to give refreshment Ex 31:17 See also Dt 5:12-14

The Law required the Sabbath to be a holy day free from work

Lev 23:3 See also Ex 34:21; Ex 35:3; Lev 23:38; Isa 56:2; Isa 58:13

The Sabbath was linked with celebration of the New Moon

2Ki 4:23 See also Isa 1:13; Eze 46:3; Hos 2:11; Am 8:5

Abuses of the Sabbath

Ex 16:27-28 gathering manna; Nu 15:32 gathering wood; Ne 13:15-18 doing ordinary work Engaging in commerce: Ne 10:31; Am 8:5
Jer 17:21 carrying loads

Punishments for infringing the Sabbath law

The death penalty Ex 31:14; Nu 15:35

Disaster for Jerusalem Jer 17:27; Eze 20:13; Eze 22:8,15

Sacrifices to be offered on the Sabbath

Bread Lev 24:8; 1Ch 9:32

Burnt offerings Nu 28:9-10; 1Ch 23:31; 2Ch 2:4

Other offerings Eze 46:4

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