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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7413 priesthood, in OT
7413 priesthood, in OT

7413 priesthood, in OT

The institution of the priesthood or the particular body of people responsible for priestly duties.

The priesthood as an institution

It was a perpetual institution Ex 40:15 See also Nu 18:1; Nu 25:13

It was distinct from the laity Nu 3:10

It was subject to the king’s authority 1Ki 2:27

It was a privilege Nu 18:7 See also Ex 29:9; Nu 16:10; Jos 18:7

The priesthood as the body of people responsible for priestly duties

The Aaronic priesthood Ex 28:41 See also 1Ch 6:49; Ne 10:38

The Shiloh priesthood Jos 18:1 See also 1Sa 3:14; 1Ki 2:27; Ps 78:60 The Shiloh priesthood ended when the Philistines took Shiloh (see 1Sa 4:17); Jer 7:12

The Melchizedek priesthood Ps 110:4 See also Ge 14:18; Heb 5:10; Heb 7:11-17

The Anathoth priesthood Jer 1:1 See also Jos 21:18; 1Ki 2:27

The Zadokite priesthood Eze 40:46 The priestly line of Zadok lasted until 170 B.C.

The Levitical priesthood Dt 17:9 The term “the priests, who are Levites” appears only in Deuteronomy. Some think it reflects a situation in which all Levites were priests. Not all passages support this view, however, and the phrase may simply distinguish the ministry of the Levitical priests from the priesthood of the king.

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