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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7372 hands, laying on of
7372 hands, laying on of

7372 hands, laying on of

An action of God or human beings, often understood to convey healing, blessing or the gift of the Holy Spirit. It also indicates the conferring of authority upon individuals for the purpose of ministry.

Laying on of hands and the communication of gifts

Laying on of hands communicates God’s blessing Mk 10:16 pp Mt 19:15 See also Ge 48:14-20

Laying on of hands conveys God’s healing Lk 4:40 See also Mt 8:3 pp Mk 1:41 pp Lk 5:13 the man with leprosy; Mt 9:18 pp Mk 5:23 Jairus’daughter; Mt 9:29-30; Mk 6:5; Mk 7:32-35; Mk 16:18; Lk 13:13 the crippled woman; Ac 28:8; Jas 5:14

Laying on of hands conveys the gift of the Holy Spirit Ac 8:17 See also Dt 34:9 fn; Ac 8:19; Ac 9:17; Ac 19:6

Laying on of hands conveys reassurance Rev 1:17 See also Mt 17:7

Laying on of hands in commissioning for service

Nu 27:18-23 See also Nu 8:10; Dt 34:9; Ac 6:6; Ac 13:3; 1Ti 4:14; 1Ti 5:22; 2Ti 1:6

Laying on of hands in the OT sacrificial system

Laying on of hands in sin offerings Lev 16:21 See also Ex 29:10; Lev 4:4,15; Lev 8:14; 2Ch 29:23

Laying on of hands in other offerings Lev 1:4 See also Ex 29:15,19; Lev 3:1-2; Lev 8:18,22

Laying on of hands without reference to God

Laying hands on people with intent to harm Ge 37:27; Jos 2:19; 1Sa 23:7; 1Sa 26:9-11,23; Isa 11:14; Lk 21:12

Laying on of hands in punishment Lev 24:14; Ne 13:21

The metaphorical laying of God’s hand on people

God’s hand brings favour Ne 2:8 See also Ezr 7:6,28; Ezr 8:18; Ne 2:18

God’s hand brings protection Ezr 8:31 See also Ezr 7:9

God’s hand brings prophetic revelation Eze 1:3 See also Eze 3:14,22; Eze 8:1; Eze 33:22; Eze 37:1; Eze 40:1

God’s hand brings judgment Ex 7:4 See also 1Sa 5:6-12; Jer 15:6; Eze 39:21; Ac 13:11

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