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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7370 guilt offering
7370 guilt offering

7370 guilt offering

An offering that resembled the sin offering, but was offered especially in cases where restitution could be made for an unintentional sin.

Circumstances for making the guilt offering

Unintentional sin against God Lev 5:17 See also Lev 5:15

Sin against a neighbour where restitution can be made Lev 5:16 Where restitution is possible it is a requirement; Lev 6:1-5 A surcharge of twenty per cent was to be added; Nu 5:5-8 Restitution must be made to God if the wronged person is not accessible.

The nature of the guilt offering

A ram without defect Lev 5:18

Regulations governing the offering See also Lev 7:1-6; Nu 18:9

Other situations requiring a guilt offering

Lev 14:12-14 cleansing from infectious diseases; Lev 19:20-22 wronging a man by intercourse with a slave girl promised to him; Nu 6:12 cleansing a Nazirite after contact with a dead body; Ezr 10:19 for returning exiles who had intermarried

Guilt offerings in Ezekiel’s vision of the temple

Eze 40:38-39; Eze 42:13; Eze 44:29; Eze 46:20

The death of the “suffering servant” is interpreted as a guilt offering

Isa 53:10

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