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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7366 freewill offering
7366 freewill offering

7366 freewill offering

An offering that in some ways resembled the thank-offering or peace offering. It was completely voluntary, prompted by an occasion of celebration or spiritual significance. The animal offered was eaten at a festive banquet.

Instructions for presenting a freewill offering

The animal to be offered Lev 22:17-22,23 Some slightly deformed animals were perhaps acceptable because the freewill offering was voluntary.

Eating the offering Lev 7:16

Freewill offerings were associated with joy and celebration

Ps 54:6-7 See also Dt 16:9-12 during the Feast of Weeks

Occasions for making freewill offerings

In maintaining public worship and at times of religious renewal Ex 35:20-29 Building the temple. See also 2Ch 31:14 Hezekiah’s reformation The return from exile: Ezr 1:4-6; Ezr 2:68; Ezr 7:16; Ezr 8:28; Ne 7:70-72
Eze 46:11-12 Ezekiel’s visionary ideal temple

As an additonal offering at certain festivals Nu 29:39 The offering had to be made at the sanctuary to be acceptable: Dt 12:5-6,17-18

Prophetic criticism of bragging over freewill offerings

Am 4:5 A sarcastic attack on the offering of freewill gifts as a way to gain prestige.

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