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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7335 circumcision, physical
7335 circumcision, physical

7335 circumcision, physical

In the OT, circumcision is seen as an outward sign of membership of Israel, the people of God.

The significance of circumcision in God’s covenant with Abraham

Ge 17:10-14 See also Ac 7:8

Circumcision is also for Abraham’s descendants Ge 17:7

Circumcision as a sign of national identity

Dinah’s brothers and the Shechemites: Ge 34:8-9,14-17
Ex 4:24-26; Jos 5:4-8

Circumcision is integrated into the Mosaic law

Lev 12:3; Jn 7:22 It was later sometimes forgotten that circumcision predated the Mosaic law.

Circumcision as an important Passover restriction

Ex 12:44,48-49; Jdg 14:3 Some of Israel’s neighbours practised circumcision, but not the Philistines.

Circumcision was not necessarily a sign of consecration to God

Jer 9:25-26

NT accounts of circumcision practised in obedience to the law

Lk 1:59 John; Lk 2:21 Jesus Christ; Jn 7:23 Circumcision was permitted on the Sabbath; Php 3:5 Paul refers to his own circumcision; Ac 16:3 Timothy

The subject of circumcision debated by the first Christians

Ac 10:45; Ac 11:2; Ac 15:5; Gal 2:3 That Titus, a Greek, was not required to be circumcised illustrates the change in the attitude of the church concerning the relevance of the law to Gentile believers; Eph 2:11; Col 3:11; Tit 1:10

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