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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7270 Zion, as a place
7270 Zion, as a place

7270 Zion, as a place

Originally the name of the southernmost hill on which the Canaanite fortress-city of Jebus was located. It was conquered by David around 1000 B.C. and renamed Jerusalem. Situated on the borders of Judah and Israel, it became David’s capital. As the city expanded, the name Zion came to be applied to the whole city.

The name of Zion

1Ch 11:4-5 pp 2Sa 5:6-7

The early history of Zion

Early mention of Zion Ge 14:18

Early attempts to take control of Zion Jos 15:63 pp Jdg 1:21

Zion as the City of David

Considered an impregnable fortress in David’s time 2Sa 5:6 pp 1Ch 11:4-5 See also 2Sa 5:8

Captured by David 2Sa 5:7 pp 1Ch 11:4

Zion, established by David as his new capital and renamed 2Sa 5:9 pp 1Ch 11:7

Further strengthened by David 1Ch 11:8 pp 2Sa 5:9

The location of David’s palace 2Sa 5:11 pp 1Ch 14:1

The new resting place for the ark of the covenant 1Ch 15:1-16:6 pp 2Sa 6:1-23

Zion as the name of the extended city of Jerusalem

Isa 33:20 See also 2Ki 19:20-21 pp Isa 37:21-22; Isa 4:3; La 1:4-8; Joel 2:32; Zep 3:14-16

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