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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7263 theocracy
7263 theocracy

7263 theocracy

The form of government among the early Israelites in which God was their supreme ruler, and his laws their laws.

The covenant at Sinai established the theocracy

Ex 19:5-6 See also Ex 19:8; Ex 24:3,7-8; Dt 5:27

Moses and Joshua renewed the theocratic covenant

Dt 26:16-19; Dt 29:9-15; Jos 24:24-25

Under the theocracy God was the Israelites’supreme ruler

Dt 33:5 “Jeshurun” means “the upright one”, i.e., Israel. See also Nu 23:21; Dt 33:26; Jdg 8:23; Ps 145:1

In the theocracy Israel was governed by God’s laws

Ex 20:1-17 pp Dt 5:6-21; Ex 21:1; Dt 4:1-2,13-14; Dt 17:18-19; Dt 31:12-13; Jos 1:7-8

Israel rejected the theocracy

1Sa 8:7 See also 1Sa 8:19; 1Sa 10:19; 1Sa 12:12

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