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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7216 exile, in Assyria
7216 exile, in Assyria

7216 exile, in Assyria

People of the northern kingdom of Israel were taken into exile after their defeat by the Assyrians and the fall of Samaria. The Israelites were transported to Assyria in stages, starting with the upper strata of society. They were replaced by immigrants from other parts of the Assyrian empire. The Israelites had to share their land with these people when they returned from exile after the downfall of the Assyrians. This was the origin of the Samaritan people.

Israel was warned of coming punishment for her misconduct

God warned his people Dt 28:62-66; Isa 5:12-13 See also Lev 26:27-28; Dt 28:49-57; Isa 10:5-6; Hos 8:1-8; Hos 13:16; Am 3:2,11; Am 5:27; Am 9:4,7-9; Mic 1:6-7

Some prophecies referred specifically to Assyria as God’s instrument Isa 8:4-7; Isa 10:5-6 See also Hos 8:9-10; Na 1:11-13

Warning through Solomon 1Ki 8:46-50

The history of Israel’s capture

Tiglath-Pileser III invades Israel in 743 B.C. but withdraws upon payment of slave-indemnity See also 2Ki 15:19-20

A further attack takes place ten years later 2Ki 15:29; 1Ch 5:26

Shalmaneser V comes on the scene 2Ki 17:3-6 After a three-year siege, Samaria falls in 722 B.C.

Israelites are removed to Assyria under Sargon II 2Ki 17:5-7 See also 2Ki 17:23

Non-Israelites are settled in Israel 2Ki 17:24

God sees his people in their distress Ps 69:33 See also Lev 26:40-46

Assyria to be punished eventually

Isa 10:5 Despite having been used as God’s instrument, Assyria will come under God’s judgment. See also Isa 10:12; Na 3:18-19

Nineveh will fall Na 1:14; Na 2:1-2 See also Na 3:1-5

God’s people will be restored

Hos 1:10-11; Am 9:14-15

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