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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7203 ark, Noah’s
7203 ark, Noah’s

7203 ark, Noah’s

The craft built at God’s command by Noah and his family as a means of escape from the flood. The ark is seen as corresponding to the redemption offered to believers through Jesus Christ.

The building of the ark

The command to build Ge 6:14 See also Ge 6:1-13,15-16

Its purpose for Noah and his family Ge 6:17-18

Its purpose for the animals Ge 6:19 See also Ge 6:20-22

The ark and the flood

Noah obeyed God Ge 7:5 See also Ge 7:1-4,6-16

The ark served its purpose Ge 7:17 See also Ge 7:18-24; Ge 8:1-19; Ge 9:1-17

The significance of the ark elsewhere in Scripture

An instance of judgment Mt 24:38-39 pp Lk 17:26-27 Judgment clearly divides humanity into the saved and the lost. See also 2Pe 2:5

An example of faith Heb 11:7 Noah took God at his word in circumstances which must have appeared ridiculous.

A symbol of salvation 1Pe 3:20-21 The link between the ark and baptism is in the twin ideas of water and salvation.

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