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7105 believers

7105 believers

Those who have faith in God. After Pentecost, the term came to be used specifically to refer to Christians, that is, to those who believe and trust in God, as he has made himself known through Jesus Christ. The NT stresses that Jesus Christ brings the faith of OT believers to perfection and to its proper fulfilment.

Believers as those who have faith in God

1Ki 18:3-4 See also Jn 4:39-42; Ac 16:15; Jas 2:1

OT believers looked forward to the NT faith

Heb 11:13 See also Heb 11:39; 1Pe 1:10-12

The church is referred to as the believers

Ac 5:12 See also Ac 1:15; Ac 2:44; Ac 4:32; Ac 9:41; 1Ti 4:12

In the early church a distinction was sometimes made between Jewish and Gentile believers

Ac 15:23 See also Ac 10:45; Ac 11:1-3; Ac 15:5; Ac 21:20-25

The term believer is synonymous with Christian

1Co 7:12-13 See also Ac 15:2; Ac 16:1; 1Co 6:5; 1Co 14:22; 2Co 6:14-15; 1Th 1:7; 1Ti 5:16

Believers are members of God’s family

Gal 6:10 See also 1Ti 6:2; 1Pe 2:17

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