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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6721 redemption, in everyday life
6721 redemption, in everyday life

6721 redemption, in everyday life

The purchase of a person’s freedom or the buying back of an object from the possession of another. Scripture provides illustrations of these everyday meanings of the word.

The OT redemption of property, animals and individuals

Redemption of property Lev 25:24-28 See also Lev 27:15-20; Ru 4:1-6; Jer 32:8

Redemption of animals Ex 13:13 See also Ex 34:20; Lev 27:13,27; Nu 18:14-17

Redemption of individuals Ex 30:12-16 See also Ex 13:12-13; Ex 21:8,28-32; Ex 34:19-20; Lev 25:47-55; Nu 3:44-51

The redemption of the nation of Israel

Ex 6:6 See also Dt 9:26; 2Sa 7:23-24 pp 1Ch 17:21-22; Ne 1:10; Ps 77:15; Ps 78:35; Ps 106:10; Isa 43:1-3; Mic 6:4

Redemption as release from sin

Ps 130:8 See also Isa 40:2

The role of the redeemer

In helping close relatives regain property or freedom Lev 25:25 See also Lev 25:47-49; Lev 27:15-20; Ru 2:20; Ru 3:9; Ru 4:1-8

In avenging death Nu 35:12,19-21

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