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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6647 eternal life, experience of
6647 eternal life, experience of

6647 eternal life, experience of

Eternal life is a present possession, to to be experienced here and now, but it also offers rich and joyful future prospects.

Eternal life as a present possession

Jn 5:24 See also Ro 6:22; Gal 2:20; Eph 2:4-5; Col 2:13; Col 3:1-4; 1Ti 6:12

The Holy Spirit as a sign of new life Ro 8:9; 1Co 3:16; 1Co 6:19; Eph 1:13-14; 2Ti 1:14

Eternal life as a future hope 1Pe 1:3-5

Present experience the basis for future hope See also Col 1:27; 2Th 2:16-17

Eternal life contrasted with present suffering Ro 8:18 See also Mt 5:11-12; Lk 18:28-30 pp Mt 19:29 pp Mk 10:29-30; Jas 1:12

The life to come 1Ti 4:8 See also Ro 2:7; 2Co 5:4; Col 1:5; Jude 21

Being with Christ for ever 2Co 5:8 See also Lk 23:43; Jn 14:2-3; Jn 17:24; 1Th 4:15-17

Assurance of eternal life

The keeping power of God Jn 10:28-29 See also Ro 8:38-39; 1Pe 1:3-5

The believer’s confidence in God Jn 17:2-3 See also Ps 73:26; Job 19:25; 1Jn 5:11-13

The sure and certain hope Tit 1:2; Tit 3:5-7; 2Pe 1:10-11

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