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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6641 election, responsibilities of
6641 election, responsibilities of

6641 election, responsibilities of

God’s election lays responsibilities upon those who have been chosen. Election to salvation has the natural consequence of election to service.

Election to leadership

Jer 1:5 See also Jdg 13:2-5; Ps 105:26; Ps 106:23

Election to religious service

Dt 21:5 See also Dt 18:3-5; 1Sa 2:27-28; 1Ch 15:2; 2Ch 29:11

Election to build the house of God

Election to build the tabernacle Ex 31:2-5 See also Ex 35:30-33; Ex 31:6-11; Ex 35:34-36:2

Election to build the temple 1Ch 28:6 See also 1Ch 28:10; 1Ch 29:1

Election of foreign kings as instruments of discipline

Isa 45:1 Cyrus: Isa 44:28; Isa 48:14-15 The king of Assyria: Isa 7:17,20 Nebuchadnezzar: Jer 25:9; Jer 27:6; Jer 43:10

Election to kingship

1Ch 28:4 David: 1Sa 16:1-13; Ps 78:70-71; Ps 89:3-4
1Sa 10:20-24 Saul; 1Ch 28:5-7 Solomon

Election of the Messiah

The OT predicts the coming of a “chosen one” Isa 42:1-7 See also Isa 9:6-7; Isa 49:5-7

The NT identifies Jesus Christ as God’s chosen Messiah Lk 9:35 pp Mt 3:16-17 See also Mt 12:15-21; Isa 42:1-4; 1Pe 1:18-21; 1Pe 2:4-6

Election to apostleship

Lk 6:13-16 pp Mk 3:14-19 See also Jn 6:70; Jn 13:18; Jn 15:16,19; Ac 1:2,21-26; Ac 9:15-16; Ac 22:14-15; Ro 1:1; 1Co 1:1

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