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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6629 conversion, examples of
6629 conversion, examples of

6629 conversion, examples of

Scripture gives examples of individuals and peoples who have turned to God in conversion.

Examples of conversion in the OT

Peoples who turned to God Isa 19:22 Egypt; Jnh 3:5-10 Nineveh

Individuals who turned to God

2Ki 5:15 Naaman; 2Ch 33:12-13 Manasseh; Da 4:34-37 Nebuchadnezzar; Jnh 1:16 sailors on board ship with Jonah

Examples of conversion in the NT

Examples of people in general Jn 4:42 people of Sychar; Ac 2:41 3,000 people on the day of Pentecost; Ac 8:12 Samaritans; Ac 9:35 people of Lydda and Sharon; Ac 15:3 Gentile converts

Examples of individual converts Lk 15:18 the prodigal son; Lk 19:8-9 Zacchaeus; Ac 8:35-38 the Ethiopian eunuch Paul: Ac 9:3-18 pp Ac 22:6-11 pp Ac 26:12-18
Ac 10:44-48 Cornelius; Ac 13:12 the proconsul, Sergius Paulus; Ac 16:14-15 Lydia; Ac 16:29-34 the Philippian jailer

The prophetic vision of the future conversion of Israel and the nations

Israel’s turning back to God Hos 3:5 See also Jer 50:4-5; Hos 11:10-11; Ro 11:26

The conversion of the nations Jer 16:19 See also Ps 22:27-28; Isa 2:3 pp Mic 4:2; Zec 14:16

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