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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6628 conversion, God’s demands for
6628 conversion, God’s demands for

6628 conversion, God’s demands for

Through his servants, God calls people to turn to him. He wants to save the world which is alienated from him, and to restore those of his backslidden people who return to him and renew their commitment to the covenant.

The need for conversion

The world is alienated from God Ro 1:21-23 See also Ro 1:28; Ro 3:11-12; Ps 14:3

The world does not know God Gal 4:8 See also 1Co 1:21; 1Co 15:34; 1Th 4:5; 2Th 1:8

God’s people have turned away from him Mal 3:7 See also Nu 14:43; Dt 9:12; 1Sa 15:11 Saul; 1Ki 11:9 Solomon; 2Ch 25:27 Amaziah; Jer 8:5; Eze 6:9; Da 9:11; Ac 7:39

God’s demands for the conversion of all people

Isa 45:22; Ac 17:30 See also Ps 65:5; Jnh 4:11; Zec 9:10

God’s demands for the conversion of his own people

God’s desire to save his people Eze 33:11 See also Jer 3:22; Joel 2:12-13; Zec 1:3

God’s faithfulness to his people Jer 3:14 See also Lev 26:40-42; 2Ch 30:9; Hos 3:5; Hos 6:1-3

God’s promise of restoration 2Ch 7:13-14 See also 1Ki 8:48-49 pp 2Ch 6:38-39; Ne 1:9

The call to conversion through God’s servants

The encouragement of his leaders Jos 24:14-15 Joshua; 2Ki 11:17 Jehoida Josiah: 2Ki 23:24-25; 2Ch 34:31-33
2Ch 15:11-15 Asa; 2Ch 19:4 Jehoshaphat; 2Ch 29:6-10 Hezekiah; Ps 51:13 David

The ministry of his prophets Jer 35:15 See also 2Ch 24:19; Jer 25:4; Hos 14:1-2; Jnh 3:2

The preaching of believers Ac 26:16-18 See also Ac 2:38; Ro 10:14-15; Isa 52:7

Rejection of God’s call to conversion

Isa 9:13 See also Jer 3:10; Hos 5:4; Hos 7:10; Am 4:6-11

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