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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6603 acceptance, divine
6603 acceptance, divine

6603 acceptance, divine

God’s gracious favour shown both to Israel and to the Gentiles. God accepts people who respond to him, and worship that is offered sincerely and is accompanied by wholehearted commitment.

God’s acceptance of human beings

God’s gracious acceptance of Israel 2Ki 13:23 See also Eze 20:40-41; Ro 11:1

God’s acceptance of those who respond to him Ge 4:7; Eze 43:27; Jn 6:37 See also Ex 28:38; Ro 14:3; Heb 12:6; 2Pe 1:10-11

God’s acceptance of the Gentiles Ro 15:16 See also Isa 56:6-7; Ac 10:34-35; Ac 15:7-8

Prayers for acceptance by God Dt 21:8; 2Sa 24:23

God’s acceptance of human worship

Acceptable sacrifices Lev 22:19-21; 1Pe 2:5 See also Lev 1:3-4; Lev 19:5-7; Lev 22:27-29; Mal 3:3-4; Jn 4:23; Ro 12:1; Php 4:18; Heb 12:28; Heb 13:16

Acceptance of gifts offered for the tabernacle Nu 7:5 See also Nu 31:51-54

Unacceptable offerings Jer 14:10-12 See also Lev 7:18; Lev 22:25; Mal 1:8-10; Mal 2:13

Acceptable service Pr 21:3; Jas 1:27 See also 1Sa 15:22; Ps 51:6-7; Jer 6:19-20; Am 5:21-24; 2Co 6:17-18; Isa 52:11

God accepts prayer and praise Ps 6:9; Heb 13:15 See also Job 33:26; Job 42:8-9; Ps 119:108; Lk 18:13-14

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