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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6227 regret
6227 regret

6227 regret

Deep feelings of sorrow arising from past events now seen as sins, mistakes or misfortunes. It can either lead to true repentance or destructive bitterness.

Examples and expressions of regret

1Sa 26:21 See also Ge 27:33-35; Nu 12:10-12 Aaron and Miriam when they had spoken against Moses; Nu 14:1-2; Jdg 11:34-35 Jephthah when he returned home from fighting the Ammonites David when he counted the fighting men: 2Sa 24:10 pp 1Ch 21:8; 2Sa 24:14 pp 1Ch 21:13
1Ki 21:27 Ahab after he murdered Naboth and seized his vineyard; Da 6:14; Mt 26:75 pp Mk 14:72 pp Lk 22:61-62 Peter when he disowned Jesus Christ; Mt 27:3-4 Judas after betraying Jesus Christ

Divine expressions of regret

Ge 6:6 See also 1Sa 15:10-11,35; 2Sa 24:16 pp 1Ch 21:15

Actions which may lead to regret

Pr 5:11-14; 1Ti 6:9-10

The bitterness of vain regrets

There is no remedy for bitter regrets Heb 12:16-17 See also Ge 27:41; 2Sa 18:33; Pr 28:17; Eze 7:16-18; Lk 13:24-28; Rev 1:7

The unending remorse of the lost Da 12:2 See also Isa 66:24; Mt 8:12; Mt 25:30; Mk 9:47-48; Lk 16:22-23; Rev 14:11

Regret is an element of true repentance

2Co 7:8-10 See also Nu 14:39-40; 2Sa 12:13-17; 2Ki 22:18-20 pp 2Ch 34:26-28 Josiah’s response on finding the Book of the Law; Ezr 10:1,6; Ps 38:2-8; Ps 51:3; Jer 3:21-25; Joel 2:12; Jnh 3:6-9 the repentance of Nineveh; Mt 5:4; Lk 15:17-19 the prodigal son; Ac 2:37

Absence of regret

Sinning without shame Jer 6:15; Zep 3:5; 1Co 5:1-2

When the wicked die 2Ch 21:20

At the end of life 2Sa 23:5; 2Ti 4:6-8

In God’s new creation Isa 65:17-19 See also Isa 35:10; Rev 21:4

See also

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6624confession of sin

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