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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6213 participation, in sin
6213 participation, in sin

6213 participation, in sin

The natural condition of all human beings as a result of sharing in Adam’s fall. Believers are called not to associate with, nor give approval to wickedness but to stand apart from evil as God’s holy people.

Participation in Adam

In Adam’s humanity Ge 3:20; Ge 5:1-3; Jn 3:6; Ac 17:26; 1Co 15:48-49

In Adam’s sin Ro 5:12 See also Hos 6:7; Ro 5:15-19; 1Co 15:21-22 The creation also participated in Adam’s sin: Ge 3:17; Ro 8:20-21

In a sinful nature Eph 2:3 See also Ro 7:5,14-20

Ways of participating in evil

Associating with evildoers Ps 50:18 See also Ge 49:6; Lev 15:31; Jos 23:12-13; Job 34:8; Ps 141:4; Pr 22:24-25; 2Jn 10-11 giving hospitality to evildoers

Giving approval to evil Lev 19:17; Ps 64:5; Ro 1:32 See also 2Sa 3:28-29,37; Ps 49:13; Eze 13:22; Lk 11:48; Ac 7:60; Ac 22:20; Ro 14:22; Eph 5:11

Sacrifice and idolatry Nu 25:1-3 See also 2Ki 17:33; Hos 4:17; 1Co 10:18-20

God’s people are not to participate in evil

God’s people are called to be holy Lev 20:26 See also Lev 11:44-45; Lev 19:2; 1Pe 1:15-16

Separation from foreign gods Jos 23:7 See also Dt 12:30; Dt 29:18; 1Ki 11:2

Separation from the godless Ezr 10:11 Too close an association with the nations round about, particularly in marriage, would cause Israel to compromise her unique relationship with God; 2Co 6:14 Often related to marriage, this applies to all close alliances with unbelievers. See also Ezr 4:1-3; Ezr 9:1-2
Rev 18:4 See also Ezr 10:2; Ne 2:20; Ne 10:30; Ne 13:26-27; Jer 51:45; 1Co 7:39; 2Co 6:17; Isa 52:11

Separation from evildoers 1Ti 5:22 See also Ro 16:17; 1Co 5:9-11; 2Th 3:14

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