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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 6142 decay
6142 decay

6142 decay

As a consequence of the fall, all created things have a tendency to waste away and spoil. Jesus Christ brings deliverance from this.

Decay was decreed as a result of the fall

In human beings Ge 2:17

In the world Ge 3:17-19 See also Ro 8:20

Decay is the common experience of humanity

Ps 90:3-10 See also Ps 49:8-9

A decaying world is not worth clinging to

Mt 6:19-20 See also Ps 102:26; Lk 12:33; 1Jn 2:15-17

Jesus Christ is free from decay

Ac 2:24-31 See also Ps 16:8-11; Ac 13:34-37; Heb 7:26; Heb 13:8

Believers are redeemed from decay

2Co 4:16 See also Job 19:26; Jn 3:16

Christians are “salt” in a decaying world

Mt 5:13 See also Mk 9:50; Lk 14:34

The world to come is free from decay

1Pe 1:3-5 See also Ro 8:21; 1Co 15:42; Heb 12:28; Heb 13:14; Rev 21:4

Examples of the link between sin and decay

Lev 26:14-16,39 The curse on the unfaithful wife: Nu 5:20-22,27 Curses for disobedience: Dt 28:22; Dt 32:24
Job 18:13; Ps 32:3; Ps 49:13-14; Ps 106:15,43; Ps 112:10; Isa 5:24; Isa 10:16; Isa 17:4; Isa 24:16; Isa 64:7; Jer 49:7 The destruction of Jerusalem lamented: La 2:6,8
Eze 4:17; Eze 24:23; Eze 33:10 Punishment for Israel’s sin: Hos 4:3; Hos 8:10
Hab 3:16; Jas 5:2

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