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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5947 shame
5947 shame

5947 shame

An uncomfortable feeling of guilt and humiliation, usually arising from sin or failure.

Shame is to be avoided

Ps 25:2 See also Ps 25:20; Ps 31:1,17; Ps 44:15; Ps 119:31,80

Causes of shame

Military defeat 2Ki 19:26

Natural afflictions Lk 1:25 See also Ge 30:23; Isa 4:1; Isa 54:4 not only childlessness but widowhood

Humiliation by an enemy Ps 69:19 See also Ps 69:6-7; 1Sa 11:2; 2Sa 10:4-5; Isa 3:17; Mk 12:4

Nakedness Rev 3:18 See also Ge 2:25; Ge 3:10; Ge 9:22-23; Isa 47:3; Eze 16:37; Rev 16:15

The sin of relations or associates Pr 14:34

Heathen gods as a source of shame

2Sa 2:10 “Bosheth” means “shame”. According to 1Ch 8:33 he was originally Ish-Baal, but the name “Baal”, subsequently associated with a heathen god, was changed by later writers to “Bosheth”. See also Jer 3:24; Jer 11:13; Hos 9:10

Shame as a divine judgment

Jer 23:40 See also Ps 44:9; Jer 46:24

Shame brought upon God’s enemies Ps 6:10; Ps 31:17; Ps 35:26; Ps 70:2; Ps 71:13; Ps 109:29; Ps 129:5

Shame as guilt for sin

Ezr 9:6 See also Pr 6:32; Da 9:5-7; Ro 6:20-21

Shame may lead to repentance 1Co 6:5; 2Co 7:9-11; 2Th 3:14

Some people are without shame Jer 3:3; Jer 6:15; Zep 3:5

Jesus Christ bore shame

Heb 12:2 See also Dt 21:23; Mt 27:39-44; Heb 6:6

The temptation of being ashamed of Jesus Christ and the cross Mk 8:38 pp Lk 9:26 See also Ro 1:16; Gal 6:14

Those who trust in God will not be put to shame

Ps 25:3 See also Ps 119:5-6; Isa 28:16; Ro 9:33; Ro 10:11; 1Pe 2:6; 1Pe 4:16

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