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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5889 ingratitude
5889 ingratitude

5889 ingratitude

The absence of due thankfulness. Scripture gives examples of human ingratitude to God for all the blessings and gifts which he provides for them. It is especially important for Christians to give thanks to God.

The ingratitude of human beings to one another

Examples of ingratitude Ge 40:23 the chief butler towards Joseph; Nu 16:13-14 Dathan and Abiram to Moses The Israelites to Gideon and his family: Jdg 8:35; Jdg 9:18
1Sa 25:21 Nabal to David; 2Ch 24:22 King Joash to Jehoiada; Ecc 9:15 the citizens to the wise man who delivered a city

Returning evil for good Ps 35:12 See also Ge 44:4; Ps 109:5; Pr 17:13; Jer 18:20

Ingratitude to God

It was in evidence at the fall Ge 3:2-3 Eve showed ingratitude for God’s provision by not believing him.

It is part of fallen human nature Ro 1:21

It is a sign of the last days See also 2Ti 3:2

Israel’s repeated ingratitude to the Lord For deliverance from Egypt: Ex 16:3,8; Ex 17:7; Heb 3:7-9,15; Ps 95:7-9
Dt 32:6 They were rebuked by Moses for the way they repaid God; 1Sa 8:7-8 They rejected the Lord when they rejected Samuel; Ne 9:26 They rejected God’s law and killed his prophets.

Ingratitude compared with other sins

Becoming like animals Isa 1:3

Becoming like prostitutes Eze 16:17-19

Becoming like an adulterous wife Hos 2:8; Hos 4:12; Hos 5:4; Hos 9:1

Jesus Christ exposed ingratitude

Lk 17:15-18

God is kind even to the ungrateful

Lk 6:35

It is important for believers to show gratitude to God

Ps 100:4 See also Ps 107:22; Col 1:12; Col 3:15; 1Th 5:18

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