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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5854 experience, of God
5854 experience, of God

5854 experience, of God

Scripture stresses the importance and also the possibility of a true experience of the living God. This is contrasted with the more academic knowledge about him. Experiential knowledge of God comes through personal encounter, through the witness of the Holy Spirit, through reflection on his past goodness and through the shared experiences of others.

Personal experience of God

Contrasted with academic knowledge Job 42:5 See also Jer 31:34; Jn 4:42; Jn 5:39-40; Jas 2:19

Experience of God’s blessing Ps 34:8 See also 1Pe 2:3; Heb 6:4-5

Experiencing God through Scripture Mt 22:29; Jn 5:39-40; Ac 17:11-12; 2Ti 3:15-17

Knowing God through the Spirit Ro 8:15-16 See also Jn 14:16-17,26; Jn 16:14-15; 1Co 2:9-10; Isa 64:4

Examples of personal encounter with God Dt 11:2-7 See also Dt 5:3-4; Ge 32:30 Jacob; Ex 3:3-4 Moses; Isa 6:1 Isaiah; Ac 9:3-6 Saul of Tarsus; 2Co 12:2-4 Paul; Rev 1:17 John

Sharing experience of God

Experience of God through his people Zec 8:23 See also Isa 45:14; 1Co 14:24-25

Leaders with experience of God Jos 24:31 See also Nu 12:8; Jdg 6:22; Ac 1:21-22; 1Co 15:3-7; 2Pe 1:16-18

Speaking to future generations Dt 4:9-10 See also Ex 10:2; Dt 6:20-21; Job 8:8-9; Ps 71:18

Speaking from personal experience: OT Dt 7:18-19 See also 1Sa 17:34-37 David’s experience teaches him to trust God. The exiles’confidence is based upon God’s deliverance in the past: Isa 43:14-17; Isa 51:9-11
Jer 16:14-15

Speaking from personal experience: NT Jn 3:11 See also Jn 20:18; Ac 4:13; 1Jn 1:1-3
Jn 9:25 See also Mk 5:19-20 pp Lk 8:39; Jn 4:28-29

Confidence based on past experience

Mt 16:9-10 pp Mk 8:18-20 The disciples’experience of Jesus Christ’s provision should have taught them not to worry about food; 2Ti 4:17-18

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