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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5848 exaggeration
5848 exaggeration

5848 exaggeration

An overstatement of something, usually relating to its importance or value. People exaggerate because of fear, envy, pride or self-pity. Exaggeration can also be used positively to good effect, for example, in the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Exaggeration of difficulties through fear

Nu 13:32-33 See also Dt 1:28; Dt 9:1

Exaggeration of the lifestyle of others through envy

Job 21:7-10 Job’s complaint that the wicked often appear to prosper is stated with exaggeration in order to make his point clear. See also Ps 73:3-12

Exaggerating one’s status or abilities through pride

Eze 27:3 See also Eze 28:2; Hos 12:8; Mt 8:19 pp Lk 9:57; Lk 22:33; Ac 12:21-23; 1Co 4:8; Rev 3:17

Exaggeration of the achievements of others

1Sa 21:11 The reference to David as king by the Philistines may be an exaggeration reflecting the great success and popularity of David among the Israelite people. See also 1Sa 18:7; 1Sa 29:5

Exaggeration of troubles through self-pity

1Ki 18:22 See also 1Ki 19:10,14,18; Ps 12:1-2

Exaggeration of the appearance of others through admiration

These verses represent exaggeration typical in poetic descriptive passages: SS 5:10-16; SS 7:1-9

Exaggeration used by Jesus Christ as a teaching tool

Mt 7:3-5 pp Lk 6:41-42 See also Mt 5:29-30; Mt 7:9-10 pp Lk 11:11-12; Mt 13:33 pp Lk 13:20; Mt 19:24 pp Mk 10:25 pp Lk 18:25

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