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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5730 orphans
5730 orphans

5730 orphans

Children whose parents are dead; a vulnerable group of people to whom God shows special kindness. He expects his people to do the same. Those who exploit them incur God’s judgment.

Orphans as symbols

Of weakness Ps 82:3 See also Job 29:12; Isa 9:17

Of disgrace La 5:1-3 See also Ps 109:9,12

God cares for orphans

Dt 10:18 See also Ps 10:14,17-18; Ps 68:5; Ps 146:9; Jer 49:11; Hos 14:3

God expects his people to care for orphans

They are not to be oppressed Zec 7:10 See also Dt 24:17; Dt 26:12-13; Jer 22:3

Caring for them brings blessing Dt 24:19 See also Dt 14:28-29; Isa 1:17; Jer 7:5-7; Jas 1:27

Exploitation of orphans is a mark of wickedness

Ps 94:5-6 See also Job 6:27; Job 22:9; Job 24:3,9; Job 31:17,21; Isa 1:23; Jer 5:28; Eze 22:7

God punishes those who oppress orphans

Dt 27:19 See also Ex 22:22-24; Pr 23:10-11; Isa 10:1-4; Mal 3:5

Orphans are included among God’s people

Dt 16:11,14

Jesus Christ includes those who are spiritually fatherless

Jn 14:18 See also Gal 4:5,7

Examples of orphans

Ge 11:27-28 Lot; Nu 27:1-5 the daughters of Zelophedad; Est 2:7 Esther

See also

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