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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5712 marriage, between God and his people
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5712 marriage, between God and his people

5712 marriage, between God and his people

Marriage is used to describe the relationship between God and Israel in the OT and between Jesus Christ and the church in the NT. Contemplating marriage deepens understanding of God’s love for his people; examining God’s covenant love for his people similarly enriches an understanding of marriage.

God’s marriage relationship with Israel

God’s marriage covenant with Israel Eze 16:8-14 The covenant at Sinai was seen as a form of marriage. See also Jer 31:32; Eze 16:59-60

God as Israel’s husband Isa 54:5 See also Hos 2:7; Joel 1:8

Israel’s early devotion Jer 2:2 See also Eze 16:43; Hos 2:15

The breakdown of God’s marriage to Israel

Israel’s adultery Jer 3:20 See also Jer 2:32; Eze 16:32-34; Hos 1:2; Hos 9:1

Israel’s alienation from God is likened to a divorce Hos 2:2 Israel’s unfaithfulness led to a form of divorce between God and his people. This was sometimes identified with the exile. See also Isa 50:1; Jer 3:6-10

The renewal of God’s marriage to Israel

God calls his bride to return Jer 3:12-14; Hos 3:1-3 See also Isa 54:6-8; Hos 2:14

The renewed relationship Isa 62:4-5 See also Jer 31:31-33; Eze 16:62; Hos 2:16,19-20

Jesus Christ’s marriage relationship with the church

Jesus Christ’s love as a model for marriage Eph 5:25-33

Jesus Christ is described as a bridegroom Jn 3:29 John the Baptist describes Jesus Christ as the bridegroom and himself as the best man. See also Mt 9:15 pp Mk 2:19-20 pp Lk 5:34-35; Mt 22:2; Mt 25:1-13

The church as Christ’s bride 2Co 11:2; Rev 19:7-9 See also Rev 21:2,9-10; Rev 22:17

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