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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5699 guests
5699 guests

5699 guests

People who receive hospitality, especially at others’homes. Guests are often invited to special celebrations such as weddings or birthdays. God invites all people as guests at his feast but many refuse.

Occasions for inviting guests

Weddings Ge 29:21-22 See also Est 2:17-18; Jn 2:1-10

Birthday celebrations Ge 40:20; Mt 14:6 pp Mk 6:21-22; Mt 14:9 pp Mk 6:26

Other special occasions 1Sa 9:22-24; 1Ki 1:41,49; Est 1:8

Receiving guests

Receiving Jesus Christ as a guest Lk 19:7 See also Mt 9:10 pp Mk 2:15 pp Lk 5:29; Mt 26:6-7 pp Mk 14:3 pp Jn 12:1-3; Lk 7:36,49; Lk 10:38; Lk 14:1; Lk 24:29; Jn 2:2; Rev 3:20

God’s people give hospitality Ac 10:32 See also 2Ki 4:8-10; Mt 10:11 pp Mk 6:10 pp Lk 9:4; Lk 10:33-37; Ac 16:34; Ac 21:8; Ac 28:7

Customs associated with receiving guests

Anointing them with oil Ps 23:5 Anointing with oil was a customary treatment for honoured guests. See also Ps 92:10; Lk 7:46; Jn 12:3

Washing their feet Ge 18:4-5 See also Ge 19:2; Ge 24:32; Ge 43:24; 1Sa 25:41; Lk 7:44; Jn 13:1-17 It was usually the slave’s duty to wash away dirt accumulated in travelling.

Guests treated badly Jdg 19:20-23; 2Sa 15:11; Jer 41:1-2; Lk 7:44-46

Guests rejecting their hosts

1Ki 1:49; Job 19:15

Advice given to guests

Do not promote yourself Pr 25:6-7 See also Lk 14:7-11

Do not criticise the food 1Co 10:27 See also Lk 10:7

Do not outstay your welcome Pr 25:17

God invites people to be his guests

Rev 19:9 See also Isa 55:1; Mt 11:28; Jn 7:37; Rev 22:17

Some refuse God’s invitation Lk 14:24 See also Mt 22:1-7; Lk 14:16-20

Some accept God’s invitation Mt 22:8-10 See also Mt 9:15 pp Mk 2:19 pp Lk 5:34; Lk 14:21-23

Guest rooms

Mk 14:14 pp Mt 26:18 pp Lk 22:11; Phm 22

See also

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