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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5665 children, attitudes towards
5665 children, attitudes towards

5665 children, attitudes towards

Christians must welcome children as Jesus Christ did. They are used by Christ as an example of how believers should receive the kingdom, and as an example of immaturity by Paul.

Children as a gift from God

Ps 113:9; Ps 127:3 See also Ge 33:5; Ge 48:9; Jos 24:3

Jesus Christ welcomes children

Mt 19:13-14 pp Mk 10:13-16 pp Lk 18:15-17

Those who enter the kingdom must be like children

God’s truth is revealed to the childlike Mt 11:25 pp Lk 10:21 See also 1Co 1:26-29

Children as people welcomed by Jesus Christ Mt 18:2-5 pp Mk 9:36-37 pp Lk 9:47-48 See also Mt 10:40-42 pp Mk 9:41; Mt 18:10,14

Children as a picture of immature Christians

1Co 14:20; 1Pe 2:2-3 See also 1Co 13:11; Heb 5:13

Promises to children

Dt 5:16; Ac 2:39 See also Pr 8:32; Eph 6:2-3

Warnings relating to children

Warnings to those who cause children to stumble Mt 18:6 pp Mk 9:42

Warnings to Israel, the disobedient child Isa 30:1 See also Isa 30:9

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