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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5636 work, and rest
5636 work, and rest

5636 work, and rest

In creation, God has established a pattern of work and rest that is to be a model for believers.

Work and rest built into creation

Ex 20:11 See also Ge 2:1-3; Ps 104:19-23

The pattern of work and rest confirmed in the OT

By Sabbath observance Ex 20:10 pp Dt 5:14; Lev 23:3

By observing holy festivals Ex 12:16; Lev 16:29; Lev 23:6-8 pp Nu 28:17-18; Lev 23:28-31 pp Nu 29:7; Lev 23:35-36,39 pp Nu 29:12; Est 9:17-19

Work and rest in the ministry of Jesus Christ

Mk 6:30-32 See also Jn 4:6

Wisdom needed to balance work and rest

To avoid idleness Pr 6:9-11; Pr 10:4-5; Pr 14:23; Pr 20:13; Pr 24:30-34

To avoid overwork Ex 18:13-24; Ps 127:2; Lk 10:38-42

Work and rest are both potential means of glorifying God

1Co 10:31 See also Ecc 2:24; Col 3:17

Work and rest will be perfectly fulfilled in heaven

Rev 14:13; Rev 22:3

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