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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5623 witnesses, legal
5623 witnesses, legal

5623 witnesses, legal

God gave detailed instructions about the conduct of witnesses in the legal processes of Israel and also in the affairs of the church.

God himself as a witness

Ge 31:50; Mal 2:14

General legal requirements about witnesses

A witness to a crime was required to give evidence Lev 5:1 See also Pr 29:24

Two or more witnesses were required to prove someone guilty Dt 19:15 See also Dt 17:6; Mt 18:15-16; 2Co 13:1

The role of witnesses in capital cases

At least two witnesses were required Nu 35:30 See also Dt 17:2-6; Heb 10:28

Witnesses were required to participate in the execution Dt 17:7 See also Lev 24:13-16; Dt 13:6-11; Ac 7:57-58

The role of witnesses in other legal matters

Land transactions Jer 32:9-12 See also Ge 23:10-18; Ru 4:1-9; Jer 32:25,44

Levirate marriage Ru 4:9-11

The role of witnesses in disputes concerning believers

Mt 18:15-17 See also 2Co 13:1; 1Ti 5:19

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