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5614 weights and measures, laws concerning

5614 weights and measures, laws concerning

God expects his people to use accurate weights and measures, and to use just balances. This is underlined in the Law, the Prophets and the wisdom literature.

The law demanded honesty in using weights and measures

Lev 19:35-36 Cheating by falsifying weights and measures was common in a culture where there was no standardisation or regulatory authority. See also Dt 25:13-16

The prophets called for the right use of weights and measures

A call for honesty Eze 45:9-10

Condemnation of dishonesty Am 8:4-6 See also Hos 12:7-8; Mic 6:10-14

Instruction from Proverbs on weights and measures

Pr 20:10 See also Pr 11:1; Pr 16:11 Merchants carried stones of different sizes in a pouch for weighing silver for payment; Pr 20:23; Pr 22:28 To move a boundary stone was in effect to steal land.

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