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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5603 wages
5603 wages

5603 wages

Payment by an employer for work done; all labourers should be paid fairly and regularly.

Laws relating to wages

Payment should be made regularly Dt 24:14-15 See also Lev 19:13

Regular rates of pay Lev 25:50; Mk 6:37 pp Jn 6:7; Mk 14:5 pp Jn 12:5

Labourers should not be defrauded Mal 3:5; Jas 5:4 See also Jer 22:13

A fair wage should be paid Mt 20:2-4 A normal day’s pay for a labourer in NT times was one denarius. See also Col 4:1

A fair day’s work should be done 2Th 3:10-12 See also Eph 6:7-8; Col 3:23

Labourers should be content with a fair wage Lk 3:14

Wage earners suffer in times of trouble

Egypt under judgment Isa 19:10

Jerusalem under judgment Hag 1:6 See also Zec 8:10

The world under judgment Rev 6:6

The example of Jacob as a wage earner

Hos 12:12 See also Ge 29:15 He agreed his wages beforehand; Ge 29:18 He was paid in kind; Ge 29:25-27 He was cheated by Laban; Ge 30:28-34 He makes an arrangement he can turn to advantage; Ge 31:6-7 He accuses Laban of dishonesty; Ge 31:8-9 He protests his own honesty; Ge 31:38-42 He looks back on his experience.

The wages of God’s servants

The Levites Nu 18:30-31; Ne 12:44; Ne 13:10-13

Temple workers 1Ki 5:6; 2Ki 12:11-15; 2Ki 22:3-7 pp 2Ch 34:8-11; 2Ki 22:9 pp 2Ch 34:16-17

Zechariah’s derisory pay Zec 11:12-13; Mt 27:3-10

Labourers in the parable of the workers in the vineyard Mt 20:1-16

Ministers of the gospel 1Ti 5:17-18 See also Dt 25:4; Lk 10:7; Jn 4:36-38; 1Co 9:7-14; Gal 6:6

The apostle Paul It was Paul’s choice to work freely: 1Co 9:15; 2Co 11:7-9
Php 4:18 He expressed gratitude for gifts he received.

Spiritual lessons from wages

Life’s rewards are hard-earned Job 7:1-3; Gal 6:7-10

The wages of sin Ro 6:21-23 See also Job 15:31-32; Isa 65:7; Jer 51:6; 2Pe 2:13

The freeness of God’s grace Ro 4:4-5

The generosity of God Mt 20:9-16

The rewards of righteousness Pr 10:16; Pr 11:18; Pr 31:31; Mt 10:42 pp Mk 9:41; 1Co 3:14; Heb 6:10; 2Jn 8

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