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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5590 travel
5590 travel

5590 travel

Whole communities travelled

The exodus Ex 17:1

The exile 2Ch 36:20

The return from exile Ezr 2:1-2

Nomadic travelling

Ge 12:6

Military forces travelled

See also Ex 14:4; 2Sa 10:16; 2Ki 25:1

Officials travelled

Ge 41:46 See also 2Ki 5:1-5 Naaman; Ne 2:5 Nehemiah; Ac 8:27 the Ethiopian eunuch

Refugees travelled

2Ki 25:26; Mt 2:13-14

Business travel

Jas 4:13 See also Lk 10:33

Travelling on pilgrimage

Lk 2:41-44

Missionary travels

The Jews Mt 23:15

Jesus Christ and his disciples Mk 1:39; Mk 8:27; Lk 8:1; Lk 14:25

The apostles Ac 8:40; Ac 11:19; Ac 13:6; Ac 15:3; Ac 18:23

Modes of travel

Ge 37:25 in caravans; Lk 24:13-15 on foot; Ac 8:28-29 by chariot; Ac 23:23 on horseback; Rev 18:17 by ship

The dangers of travel

2Co 11:26 See also 2Ch 15:5; Ezr 8:21-23; Job 6:15-20; Lk 10:30; Ac 27:14-44

Guidance while travelling

Ge 24:26-27; Ex 13:21; Ac 16:6-7

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