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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5582 tiredness
5582 tiredness

5582 tiredness

A natural outcome of work and stress for which God has provided relief, rest and renewal. Scripture recognises that tiredness may have spiritual, as well as physical, causes.

Causes of tiredness

Work Mt 8:24 pp Mk 4:38 pp Lk 8:23 See also Ecc 10:15; Ecc 12:12

Afflictions and stress Job 16:7 See also 2Sa 17:29; 1Ki 19:3-5; Ps 69:3; 2Co 12:15

Concern and anxiety Ps 31:9-10 See also Ps 6:6; Ps 32:3-4; Ps 119:28; Jer 45:3; Lk 22:45

Desire for money and possessions Pr 23:4

Travelling See also Dt 25:18; Jdg 8:4; 2Sa 16:14; Jn 4:6

Old age Ecc 12:3

Zeal for the Lord’s work Ps 119:139

Battles Jdg 4:21; 1Sa 14:31; 2Sa 21:15; 2Sa 23:10; Jer 51:30

Sin and rebellion Isa 57:10; Jer 9:5; Eze 23:43

Foolishness Ecc 1:8; Isa 46:1; Isa 47:13; Jer 12:13

Help from God to deal with tiredness

God’s promises of help and rest Isa 40:28-31 See also Isa 46:4; 2Co 9:8

Jesus Christ offers rest and encouragement Mt 11:28-30; Rev 2:2-3 See also Mk 6:31

Trusting God as the antidote to anxiety and sorrow Mt 6:25-27 pp Lk 12:25-27 See also Ps 119:28

God’s provision of times for rest Ge 1:5; Ge 2:2 pp Ex 20:8-11 pp Dt 5:12-15; Ps 127:2; Jer 31:25

Help from others to deal with tiredness

Encouragements to be strong in the Lord and to persevere Ps 27:14; 1Co 15:58 See also Gal 6:9; 2Th 3:13; Heb 12:1-3

God’s help channelled through others Isa 50:4 See also 2Co 1:3-4

Physical help from others 2Sa 16:2 See also Ex 17:12; Jdg 8:15; 2Sa 17:28-29; 1Ki 19:5-6

Advice about lifestyle Ex 18:17-23

See also

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