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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5581 throne
5581 throne

5581 throne

An elevated seat occupied by a person with authority (e.g., a king). It symbolises the dignity, honour, sovereignty and the kingdom of the king whose seat it is. Supremely, these things belong to God himself.

A throne as an elevated seat

1Ki 10:18-19 pp 2Ch 9:17-18

A throne is occupied by a person with authority (usually a king)

See also Pr 20:8; Isa 14:9; Lk 1:52

Thrones of the kings of Israel 1Ki 1:46 See also 1Ki 2:19; 1Ki 7:7; 1Ki 22:10 pp 2Ch 18:9; 2Ki 11:19 pp 2Ch 23:20; Jer 13:18; Ac 12:21

Thrones of the kings of the nations Ex 11:5; Ex 12:29; Est 1:2; Est 5:1; Jer 1:15; Eze 26:16; Jnh 3:6

A throne symbolises dignity and honour

Ge 41:40 See also 1Sa 2:8; 2Ki 25:28 pp Jer 52:32; Isa 22:23

A throne also symbolises sovereignty

The royal power of earthly kings 1Ki 1:13 “Sit upon a throne” means “to exercise royal power”. See also Dt 17:18 King Solomon established on his father’s throne: 1Ki 1:17-35; 1Ki 2:4,12,24; 1Ki 3:6; 1Ki 5:5; 1Ki 8:20 pp 2Ch 6:10; 1Ki 8:25 pp 2Ch 6:16; 1Ki 9:5; 1Ki 10:9 pp 2Ch 9:8; 1Ch 28:5; 1Ch 29:23
1Ki 16:11; 2Ki 10:3 King Jehu established on the throne of Israel: 2Ki 10:30; 2Ki 15:12
Ps 122:5; Ps 132:11-12; Jer 22:2,30; Jer 29:16; Jer 33:17 This verse is fulfilled ultimately in Jesus Christ (Lk 1:32); Jer 43:10

Satan’s throne on earth Rev 2:13 Satan is seen as “ruling” from Pergamum, the official centre of emperor worship in the province of Asia.

The beast’s throne Rev 13:2 See also Rev 16:10

The twenty-four elders are enthroned Rev 4:4 The elders are thought to be representative of either the whole company of believers in heaven or an exalted angelic order. See also Rev 11:16

Jesus Christ reigns from his eternal throne Isa 9:7 See also Zec 6:13; Mt 25:31; Lk 1:32-33

Almighty God is seated in majesty on his holy throne Ex 17:16 See also Ps 47:8; Heb 8:1; Heb 12:2 Visions of God enthroned in heaven: 1Ki 22:19 pp 2Ch 18:18; Eze 1:26; Eze 10:1; Da 7:9; Rev 4:2-10; Rev 5:1,7,13; Rev 7:10,15; Rev 19:4; Rev 21:5 God’s throne as the judgment seat: Ps 9:4-10; Ps 11:4; Jer 49:38; Rev 6:16; Rev 20:11-12 God’s throne as the focus of worship: Rev 7:11; Rev 8:3; Rev 14:3 God’s throne as a metaphor for God’s presence: Rev 1:4; Rev 4:5; Rev 7:9; Rev 12:5; Rev 16:17; Rev 21:3; Rev 22:1,3

A throne symbolises a kingdom

The kingdoms of earthly kings 2Sa 3:10 See also 1Ki 1:37,47; Pr 20:28; Pr 25:5; Pr 29:14; Da 4:36; Da 5:20; Hag 2:22 God’s covenant with David that his throne would be established for ever: 2Sa 7:13-16 pp 1Ch 17:12-14; 1Ki 2:33,45; 1Ki 9:5 pp 2Ch 7:18; 1Ch 22:10; Ps 89:4,29,36

The unseen kingdom of God’s righteous rule Ps 89:14 See also Ps 93:2; Ps 97:2; Ps 103:19; La 5:19

The ark of the covenant seen as God’s throne

1Sa 4:4 God was understood to be enthroned between the cherubim (i.e., upon the lid, or “mercy seat”) of the ark of the covenant. See also 2Sa 6:2; 2Ki 19:15 pp Isa 37:16; Ps 80:1; Ps 99:1; Jer 17:12

Jerusalem is also called God’s throne

Jer 3:17

Heaven described as God’s throne

Ps 2:4 See also Ps 123:1; Isa 40:22; Mt 5:34; Mt 23:22; Ac 7:49; Isa 66:1

God’s throne is a throne of grace

Heb 4:16

Believers share in the heavenly reign of Jesus Christ

Mt 19:28 See also Lk 22:30; 2Ti 2:12; Rev 3:21; Rev 20:4,6

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