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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5577 taxation
5577 taxation

5577 taxation

Any form of payment levied on people by a supervising authority.

Taxation exacted from subject nations

Tribute to Moab Jdg 3:15,17-18

Tribute to David 2Sa 8:2 pp 1Ch 18:2; 2Sa 8:6 pp 1Ch 18:6

Tribute to Solomon 1Ki 4:21

Tribute to Assyria 2Ki 17:3; Hos 10:6

Tribute to Egypt 2Ki 23:33 pp 2Ch 36:3

Tribute to Judah 2Ch 17:11; 2Ch 26:8; Isa 16:1

Tribute to Persia Est 10:1

Universal tribute Ps 72:10 Universal tribute means universal reign. This psalm is widely regarded as Messianic.

Refusal to pay tribute was a sign of rebellion See also 2Ki 17:4; Ezr 4:13

Taxation for the support of the state

Land tax 2Ki 23:35 See also Ge 41:34; Ne 5:4

Census tax

Ex 30:11-16; Lk 2:1

Trade tax 1Ki 10:14-15 pp 2Ch 9:13-14

Such levies may be unjustly burdensome 1Sa 8:10-18 See also Da 11:20

Covenantal taxation: the tithe

Tithing prescribed Lev 27:30-33 As part of their covenantal obligations the Israelites were commanded to offer a tenth of their income to the Lord. See also Ge 14:20

The tithe supported the priests and the poor Nu 18:21 See also Dt 14:28-29

The tithe often seems to have been neglected Mal 3:8-10 See also 2Ch 31:4

Taxation for the support of the temple

Mt 17:24-26 See also 2Ch 24:4-12 pp 2Ki 12:4-5

Jesus Christ and taxation

Jesus Christ was falsely accused of opposing taxation Lk 23:1-2

He himself paid tax Mt 17:24-27

He commanded others to pay taxes Mt 22:15-22 pp Mk 12:13-17 pp Lk 20:20-26

Believers and taxation

Paying taxes demonstrates submission to God Ro 13:1,5-6; 1Pe 2:13

Paying taxes should silence unjust criticism Ro 13:3; 1Pe 2:15

Paying taxes is reimbursement for services rendered Mt 22:15-22 “Give” in verse 21 means “give back as in settlement of a debt”; Ro 13:7

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