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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5571 surgery
5571 surgery

5571 surgery

The physical removal of part of the human body, either in response to severe illness or as a form of punishment.

Medical surgery

Eze 30:21

Punitive surgery

Dt 25:12; Jdg 1:6-7; 1Sa 17:51; 1Sa 31:9; 2Sa 4:7,12; 2Ki 25:7

Ritual or cultural surgery

Castration The primary meaning of “eunuch” in the OT is “court officer” and need not always imply castration; similarly with the NT counterpart: 2Ki 20:18; Est 2:3; Isa 56:3; Mt 19:12; Ac 8:27

Circumcision Ge 17:10-14; Ex 4:25; Lev 12:3; Jos 5:8; Lk 2:21

Dismemberment A solemn call to the nation to act: Jdg 19:29; 1Sa 11:7

Ear piercing Ex 21:5-6 There may be a reference to this in Ps 40:6.

Pagan mutilation Lev 19:28; Dt 14:1; 1Ki 18:28

Animal sacrifices Ge 15:10; Ex 29:17; Lev 1:6,12; Lev 3:9

Miraculous surgery

Ge 2:21-22; Lk 22:50-51

Spiritual surgery

Heart transplant Eze 36:26

Amputation Mt 5:29-30 Jesus Christ is using hyperbole (deliberate exaggeration) to stress the need at times for radical action. See also Mt 18:8-9; Mk 9:43-47

Grafting Ro 11:17-24

Pruning Isa 18:5; Jn 15:1-2

Felling Isa 10:33-34; Lk 3:9

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