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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5562 suffering, of the innocent
5562 suffering, of the innocent

5562 suffering, of the innocent

Scripture does not teach that the wicked will suffer, whereas the innocent and blameless will prosper. It offers insights into the place of suffering in the lives of the innocent, and the apparent injustice of this situation.

The apparent injustice of suffering

Hab 1:13 See also Job 19:7; Job 24:1,12; Ps 59:3-4; Ps 74:1,11; Ps 88:5,14

The wrong answers to suffering

The concept that those who suffer must be sinners: Job 4:7; Jn 9:2-3
Eze 18:25 the idea that God is unjust

The wrong reactions to suffering

Job 2:9-10 resentment against God; Job 23:13-15 being terrified of God; Job 40:2 arguing with God; Ps 73:3 envying the wicked; Ps 73:13 disillusionment

The right reactions to suffering

Reverent submission Job 1:21 See also Job 28:28; Job 34:12; Job 36:26; Job 37:19; Job 40:4; La 3:40,49-50; Mt 10:28

Trust in God Ge 18:25; Ps 55:22-23 See also Ex 2:23; Ps 56:3-4; Ps 59:16; Ps 62:5; Ps 70:2; Ps 107:6,13,19,28
Ps 119:50,153; Da 3:17-18 the trust shown by Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego; Hab 3:17-18; 1Pe 2:23 the example of Jesus Christ; 1Pe 4:19; 1Pe 5:7

God’s reaction to suffering

Concern for those who suffer Ps 9:12 See also Ex 2:25; 2Ki 14:26; Ps 1:6; Ps 33:18-19; Jas 5:4

Anger at the wicked Ps 11:5; Ps 59:8; Eze 36:6-7; Hab 2:9,12

God’s response to suffering

Deliverance for those who suffer Ps 34:19 See also Job 42:10-12; Rev 7:16; Rev 21:4

Judgment for the wicked Mal 3:5 See also Ex 3:19-20; Ps 73:16-18; Ps 141:10; Am 1:3; Na 3:1,19; Hab 2:16; Mt 25:41-46; Jas 2:13; 1Pe 4:18; Rev 18:6-7

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