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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5555 stealing
5555 stealing

5555 stealing

Theft is always condemned in Scripture, though the possibility of mitigating circumstances is recognised. Converted thieves must show their repentance, if possible, in a practical way.

Stealing is condemned as a sin

It is prohibited Ex 20:15 pp Dt 5:19 See also Lev 19:11; Ps 62:10; Mk 10:19 pp Lk 18:20; Ro 2:21; Ro 13:9

Punishment for stealing 1Co 6:9-10 See also Ex 21:16; Ex 22:1-4; Lev 6:2-5

The disgrace of thieves Jer 2:26

The company of thieves is to be avoided See also Pr 29:24; Isa 1:23

Stealing is denied Ge 44:8; 1Sa 12:3-5

Mitigating circumstances for stealing

Poverty Pr 6:30-31 See also Pr 30:7-9

Stealing is commonplace in this world

It is part of life in a sinful world Hos 4:2; Mt 6:19 See also Mt 15:19

Roadside robbery Lk 10:30 See also Pr 1:10-15; 2Co 11:26

Sheep stealing Job 24:2; 2Sa 12:4

Dishonesty in trade Jer 22:17; Eze 28:18; Hos 12:7; Am 8:5

Dishonest tax collectors Lk 3:13; Lk 19:8

Theft in the temple Mt 21:12-13 pp Mk 11:15-17 pp Lk 19:45-46; Jer 7:11

Theft in the family Ge 31:19; Jdg 17:1-2

Wife stealing 2Sa 11:3

Kidnapping 2Ki 11:2 pp 2Ch 22:11

Temple robbers Ac 19:37; Ro 2:22

Body stealing Mt 27:64

Examples of stealing

Ge 31:19 Rachel Achan: Jos 7:11,20-21
Jdg 17:1-2 Micah the Ephraimite Two crucified thieves: Mt 27:38 pp Mk 15:27; Mt 27:44; Lk 23:32
Jn 12:6 Judas

Stealing as an image

Of forbidden pleasures Pr 9:17

Of a captivated heart 2Sa 15:6; SS 4:9

Of unexpected loss Pr 6:10-11; Pr 24:33-34

Of God’s judgment 1Th 5:2 See also Jer 49:9-10 pp Ob 5-6; Mt 24:42-44; 2Pe 3:10

Spiritual stealing

Stealing from God Mal 3:8-9

Lying prophets See also Jer 23:30

False shepherds Jn 10:1 See also Jn 10:8,10

Converted thieves

Lk 23:39-43 the thief on the cross; 1Co 6:9-11 some of the Corinthians

Repentance must be borne out in practical actions Eph 4:28 See also Eze 33:15; Lk 19:8 Zacchaeus; Tit 2:10

There is no stealing in heaven

Mt 6:20

See also

5377law, Ten Commandments

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