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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5539 sluggard
5539 sluggard

5539 sluggard

Someone characterised by a settled attitude of slothfulness and idleness. Such people are consistently condemned throughout Scripture.

Sluggards are characterised by slothfulness and idleness

They are lazy and refuse to work Pr 6:6-8 See also Pr 12:27; Pr 15:19; Pr 19:24; Pr 20:4; Pr 21:25; Pr 24:30-31; Pr 26:15

They love to stay in bed when they should be up and active Pr 6:9 See also Pr 26:14

They make excuses to avoid work Pr 22:13 See also Pr 26:13

Their desires are not met Pr 13:4 See also Pr 20:4; Pr 21:25-26

Their laziness leads to poverty Pr 6:10-11 See also Pr 10:4-5; Pr 12:24; Pr 18:9; Pr 19:15; Pr 20:13; Pr 24:33-34; Ecc 4:5; Ecc 10:18

Their attitude is irritating to others Pr 10:26

They are conceited Pr 26:16

Sluggards condemned throughout Scripture

In the book of Proverbs Pr 10:4 See also Pr 6:6-11; Pr 12:11,24,27; Pr 13:4; Pr 14:23; Pr 18:9; Pr 28:19

By Jesus Christ Mt 20:3,6; Mt 25:24-30

In the epistles 1Th 5:14 See also 2Th 3:6,10-11; 1Ti 5:13; Tit 1:12; Tit 3:14; Heb 6:12

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