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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5537 sleeplessness
5537 sleeplessness

5537 sleeplessness

The absence of or inability to sleep. Scripture suggests that sleeplessness will sometimes result from divine intervention. Scripture also provides examples of deliberate sleeplessness in order to seek God.

Anxiety and sorrow as causes of sleeplessness

Ecc 2:22-23 See also Pr 6:1-4; Ecc 5:12; Jer 45:3

Other causes of sleeplessness

Work Ps 127:2

Pain and sickness Job 30:17 See also Job 7:4-5; Job 33:19; Rev 14:11

Evil deeds Pr 4:14-16 See also Isa 5:27

Concern for God’s cause Ps 132:4-5 See also Isa 62:6; Lk 2:37; Lk 6:12; Ac 12:12

People who experienced sleeplessness

Jacob Ge 31:40

Saul 1Sa 16:14 Loss of sleep probably among the troubles of Saul alleviated by David’s playing. See also 1Sa 16:15-23

Xerxes Est 6:1

Job Job 7:4 See also Job 7:11-15

Darius Da 6:18

Paul 2Co 11:27 See also 2Co 6:5

God deprives sinners of rest

Isa 48:22 pp Heb 3:11 pp Heb 4:1-5

Restlessness because of judgment on sin Rev 14:11 See also Dt 28:67; 1Sa 16:14; Isa 21:4; Isa 23:12; Isa 57:20-21; La 5:5

Sleeplessness allows people to receive messages from God

Da 2:1; Zec 4:1 See also 1Sa 3:1-10; Da 2:29; Mt 27:19

A challenge to abandon sleep

Abandoning actual sleep Lk 6:12 See also Mt 26:36-46 pp Mk 14:32-42 pp Lk 22:47-53; Lk 2:37; Rev 16:15

Abandoning spiritual lethargy Ps 57:8 See also Pr 6:10; Ecc 5:2; Isa 51:9

God’s watchfulness

Ps 121:3-4; Isa 40:28-31

The blessing of sleep

Ps 4:8 See also Lev 26:6; Ps 3:5; Ps 127:2; Pr 3:24

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