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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5527 shield
5527 shield

5527 shield

A piece of armour used to fend off blows or missiles such as arrows. God is described as the shield of his people; protecting, giving help, strength and favour. Faith is the shield with which believers are to ward off spiritual attack.

Shields are pieces of armour

See also 2Ch 11:11-12; 2Ch 32:5; Ne 4:16; Na 2:5 A number of shields were used to make a wall of defence.

Kinds of shield

Large and small shields Jer 46:3 See also 1Ki 10:16-17 pp 2Ch 9:15-16; 2Ch 14:8

Gold shields 2Sa 8:7 pp 1Ch 18:7 See also 1Ki 10:16-17; 1Ki 14:26

Bronze shields 1Ki 14:27

Shields made of combustible materials Eze 39:9

Shields covered with leather Isa 21:5 Leather shields were rubbed with oil to preserve them and to deflect blows from swords or arrows.

Shields in warfare

As part of an army’s equipment 2Ch 14:8 See also 1Ch 12:23-24; 2Ch 11:12; 2Ch 26:14; Ne 4:16

Their use in battle 1Ch 5:18 See also 1Sa 17:7; 2Ki 19:32; Jer 46:3,9; Jer 51:11; Eze 23:24

The figurative use of shields

God is called a shield of his people Ge 15:1 See also 2Sa 22:3; Ps 7:10; Ps 18:2; Pr 2:7

God acts as a shield Ex 14:19-20 See also Isa 52:12; Isa 58:8

God protects his people Isa 31:5 See also Ps 3:3; Ps 12:7; Ps 32:10; Ps 125:2; Ps 140:7; Zec 2:5; Zec 12:8

God is a refuge for his people Ps 144:2 See also Ps 18:30; Ps 119:114; Pr 30:5

God is the help and strength of his people Ps 28:7 See also Dt 33:29; Ps 33:20; Ps 115:9-11

God gives victory to his people 2Sa 22:36 pp Ps 18:35

God’s favour is compared to a shield Ps 5:12 See also Ps 3:3; Ps 32:10; Ps 84:9-11

God’s faithfulness is compared to a shield Ps 91:4

A shield is used as a picture of defiance towards God Job 15:25-26

Faith is given to the believer to act as a shield Eph 6:16 See also 1Pe 1:5

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