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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5514 scribes
5514 scribes

5514 scribes

Experts in the understanding and study of the law of Moses. Scribes had political power in NT times, and sat on the Sanhedrin. They were also referred to as lawyers and teachers of the law. They opposed Jesus Christ, who condemned their hypocrisy.

The duties of scribes

Writing records, legal contracts, letters and accounts See also 2Sa 8:16 pp 1Ch 18:15; 1Ki 4:3; 2Ki 12:10 pp 2Ch 24:11; Jer 32:12; Jer 36:26

Advising the king 2Ki 18:18 pp Isa 36:3; 2Ki 19:2; 1Ch 27:32

Conscripting people to the army 2Ki 25:19 pp Jer 52:25

Examples of scribes who are mentioned by name

Shaphan 2Ki 22:8 pp 2Ch 34:18

Baruch Jer 36:4-32

Ezra After the exile, scribes became copyists and interpreters of the law: Ezr 7:6; Ne 8:1-4,9

Clans or families of scribes

1Ch 2:55

The office of priest and scribe

Up to the time of the Babylonian exile only priests were allowed to be scribes: Ezr 7:6; Ne 8:9; Ne 12:26

Scribes had political power in NT times and sat on the Sanhedrin

By this time, scribes were also referred to as “teachers of the law” and “lawyers”: Mt 16:21 pp Mk 8:31 pp Lk 9:22; Mt 26:3 pp Mk 14:1 pp Lk 22:2

Scribes opposed Jesus Christ

Mt 21:15; Lk 19:47 pp Mt 21:15 pp Mk 11:18

Jesus Christ condemmed the scribes’hypocrisy

Mt 23:27-28 See also Mt 23:1-7 pp Mk 12:38-39 pp Lk 20:45-46

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