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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5512 scales and balances
5512 scales and balances

5512 scales and balances

Weighing devices designed to ensure fair dealing. The terms are also used metaphorically in Scripture.

Scales and balances were used in business transactions

Jer 32:10

Scales and balances should not be used dishonestly

Exhortations to honest dealing Lev 19:35-36 See also Eze 45:10

The Lord hates dishonest dealing Pr 20:10 See also Pr 11:1; Pr 16:11; Pr 20:23

Dishonest dealing was one of the reasons for God’s judgment on his people Jer 5:1 See also Hos 12:6-7; Am 8:4-8; Mic 6:10-13

Scales and balances used metaphorically

To emphasise Job’s distress Job 6:2

To highlight God’s greatness Isa 40:15 See also Isa 40:12

Of God’s judgment Da 5:25-30 See also Eze 5:1-2; Rev 6:5-6

See also

5614weights & measures, laws
9210judgment, God’s

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