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5487 queen

5487 queen

In OT times the chief wife of a king’s harem or a female monarch. A queen mother, as a king’s widow and the mother of the reigning king, would have held a position of some authority and influence.

A queen as the wife of a king

A chief wife among several Est 2:17 See also Est 1:9-12; Est 2:4

Enjoying a position of some influence Est 1:15-18; Est 2:22; Est 5:12; Est 7:5-8

Enjoying the king’s special favour Est 5:2-3 See also Est 7:1-3; Est 8:1,7; Est 9:12; SS 6:8-9; Ne 2:6; Ps 45:9

Sometimes granted considerable authority Est 9:29 See also Est 9:31

A queen as a female monarch

The queen of Sheba 1Ki 10:1 pp 2Ch 9:1 See also 1Ki 10:2-10 pp 2Ch 9:1-9; 1Ki 10:13 pp 2Ch 9:12; Mt 12:42 pp Lk 11:31

Queen Athaliah of Judah 2Ki 11:1-21 pp 2Ch 22:10-23:21

Queen used figuratively

Of Jerusalem La 1:1; Eze 16:13

Of Babylon Isa 47:5,7; Rev 18:7

Queen of Heaven: a title for the Babylonian goddess Ishtar

Jer 7:18; Jer 44:17-19,25

A queen mother as a king’s widow and mother of the reigning king

1Ki 2:19 See also 1Ki 15:13 pp 2Ch 15:16; 2Ki 10:13; 2Ki 24:8,12,15; Jer 13:18; Jer 22:26; Jer 29:2; Da 5:10; Ac 8:27

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