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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5478 property, houses
5478 property, houses

5478 property, houses

From at least the time of the flood people have built houses to live in and these have been a major part of their property; the temple was seen as God’s house.

Houses are a major part of people’s property

Ex 12:22; Hag 1:4; Mt 7:24-27; Heb 3:3

The homeless have no property

1Co 4:11 See also Job 24:8; La 4:5; Lk 9:58

Property has no lasting value

Heb 10:34 See also Dt 6:11-12; Mt 19:29

Materials used in house building

Clay Job 4:19

Brick Ex 1:11-14; Isa 9:10

Stone and wood Lev 14:40,42; Hab 2:11

Luxurious building materials 1Ki 22:39; Est 1:6; Am 3:15

Houses are protected by God

Ps 127:1 See also Ex 12:27

Houses as dwellings

For sinners Jos 2:1; Pr 7:27; Pr 21:9

For friends Zec 13:6; Lk 10:38; Jn 12:1-2

Other uses for houses

For work Jer 18:2

For hospitality Lk 10:5-7 pp Mt 10:11 pp Mk 6:10 See also Ge 19:3; Mt 25:35; Ac 16:15; 1Ti 5:10; Heb 13:2

For church gatherings Ac 20:20 See also Ro 16:5; 1Co 16:19; Col 4:15; Phm 2

As palaces 2Sa 7:2; 1Ki 7:1-2; 1Ki 22:39; Da 4:29-30; Mt 11:8

Legislation concerning houses

Respecting the houses of others Ex 20:17; Mic 2:2

Redemption of property Lev 25:29-33

The Lord’s house

God’s promise to David 2Sa 7:11; 1Ki 5:5

Solomon’s building 1Ki 6:1,2,7,12,14

Ezra’s rebuilding Ezr 3:9-10

It was a place to meet God Ps 23:6; Ps 27:4; Ps 84:10; Ps 122:1; Isa 56:7; Joel 3:18; Jn 2:16-17; Ps 69:9

It is a picture of the church Eph 2:19-20 See also 1Co 3:9-11

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