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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5472 proof, as evidence
5472 proof, as evidence

5472 proof, as evidence

In the judicial sense, evidence is required to confirm the testimony of a witness. In the lives of believers, practical evidence should be obvious as proof of the reality of their faith.

The Mosaic law required proof to be offered in various legal contexts

In giving testimony Dt 19:15 See also Ex 23:2; Lev 5:1; Dt 17:6

In acccusations of immorality Dt 22:13-21 See also Nu 5:11-31

In accusations of idolatry Dt 13:12-15

Evidence offered as proof of the gospel

The evidence of witnesses 2Pe 1:16-18 See also Ac 1:3; 1Co 15:5-7; Heb 2:3-4; 1Jn 1:1-3

Believers’lives are to prove the reality of their faith Jn 15:8 See also Mt 25:31-46; Ac 26:20; 1Co 4:2; 2Co 8:24

Evidence and signs given as proof

Looking for signs of the will of God Jdg 6:36-38

The signs of Jesus Christ as a basis of faith Jn 2:11

Jesus Christ’s criticism of those who demanded other signs Mt 16:4 The “sign of Jonah” is a reference to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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